Newb - script to uninstall app

hello newb here , I have no idea how to go about writing a script to uninstall an app that is not uninstalling properly thru windows 10, also my team needs an easy way to remove apps other than using thirdparty tools like Iobit or revo uninstaller. if there a script that can assist with this …

the app is our company application - want to go thru a different process then using an uninstaller app or running from windows programs and features.
let me know if require any further info thank you

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Unfortunately there is no magical command in PowerShell to properly uninstall any arbitrary software when there is no uninstall program or option in the system. When the software does not uninstall properly from programs and features you’re pretty much out of luck. You would need to identify every single setting or file belonging to the software and remove it individually. Sorry. :man_shrugging:t4:

Just thinking out loud here … you might want to explore extracting the “UninstallString” from the registry and executing that from PowerShell …

there as to be something other than cleaning up an app with Iobit or revo uninstaller , powershell has to have that capabilty to uninstall and app and or uninstal the app from normal process and then run a cleanup script to remove any reg , folders assoicated with the application based on keywords ?

No. Not built in. You would need to do it by yourself - step by step. :man_shrugging:t4:

IMHO: In an enterprise environment it is often faster and easier to reinstall a computer with a default image than to spend a lot of time and effort searching and solving a complex error. :wink:

You do not learn anything that way. pffft

Have you played with Get-Package and Unistall-Package?

You asked for an uninstall script and there is none built in PowerShell. You can try to find one online - for example in the PowerShell gallery or you could built one by yourself.

The only thing I learned with this thread is that

does not come with a proper uninstall option. If this app is developed inhouse you should ask the developers how to uninstall their mess. :wink:

Depending on the complexity of the app and on your will to learn you can start by removing all the files and folders from your app including start menu and desktop links. Then you can move on with all registry settings the app might have set … and so on and so on … :love_you_gesture:t4:

While we can help you with that if you have a specific question about code you wrote by yourself we do not deliver ready to use solutions on request. :wink:

AFAIK that just triggers the built in OS functions. If those functions do not exist or are broken or the self built app is standard compliant it will probably not bring you any further. :man_shrugging:t4:

I agree with you Olaf. Just thought I would throw those out there as they are the only “built in” options the OP seemed to be looking for. I also totally agree with you on re-imaging versus wasting a bunch of time on finding a solution that may never exist.

… and I understood that those options in programs and features for example do not work for the particular app.

Hmmm … let’s wait where this leads us … :wink: :man_shrugging:t4: