Mark forums read?

How do you mark forums (or all subforums) as “Read”?


should do the trick … :wink:

Hi Olaf, I stuck already on your first step, where is this “Topic” menu? I can’t find it anywhere.

Don’t you have this?


Strange but it’s not present:

Btw. I also tried to click on “Latest” but no menu icon is present:


Hmmm … sorry. That might be because of I’ve been granted moderator privileges recently. I’ve never payed attention before.

So I’m afraid there’s no way to mark the complete forum or even just a category as read. Sorry.

OK, thanks for helping, not a big deal but it would be useful to have this feature for all members.

Cc @psjamesp any option here ?

Hey, @metablaster I am not really sure what you are asking. Can you post a screenshot of what you are trying to accomplish?

When you click on Latest try changing the categories. Is this what you are trying to accomplish?

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thank you for solution

Hi, I’m sorry for my strange answer, IDK what was wrong with me…

I posted my screenshot and there is no option to mark all forums as read.
Clicking on “Latest” and then categories doesn’t give an option to mark forums read.

Discourse doesn’t have a mark as read option. It has been requested before but Discourse have no plans to implement it.

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Thanks, I didn’t know forum software is 3rd party owned.