Forum Posting

I’ve noticed I can only post on the forum from IE, not from Safari (iPad)or Chrome. Am I the only one?

I use Chrome almost exclusively and post from there. Not without issues, mind you, but I can post. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t even let me click in the box, and that’s on 2 different machines! What am I missing?!

Are you able to do it if you use the Text view instead of the Visual view (i.e. click on the Text tab at the top of the editor)?

I can click on the tabs, but it won’t let me go into the text box itself.

Hmm, ok, I haven’t seen that one before. On my system I can post on the Text tab, but not on the Visual tab. I’ve been meaning to dig in deeper and try it on some VMs, see if I can identify a pattern, but I’ve been too busy. Since you’re letting me know it’s not just me, I’ll bump the priority up enough so that I can actually get to it.