Issues with Redesign at present

Preface: I do not know how many of these are currently being worked on.

That said:

  1. The “New Thread” is a standard-reply-style post box at the very bottom of a forum page. It needs a dedicated page & button; it’s too hard to find, in my opinion, and will likely discourage engagement on the forum.
  2. Profile badges are way too large in thread display. They’re bigger than some avatars. Even 16x16 is perfectly fine for a badge.
  3. Forum view as a whole could probably be a bit narrower; shorter posts tend to end up as a single long line off into the distance, and the excessive space is hard to parse visually.
  4. Individual posts should probably scale with their respective sidebars. Short posts end before the profile display at the left does, and this just looks very odd.
  5. Paragraph spacing currently looks like triple-spaced or something, it’s a bit much.

Thank you and I appreciate all the effort you guys put in, just trying to point out the stuff you either haven’t gotten to yet or haven’t taken note of yet. Love y’all. :heart:

@Joel , Yup even I feeling the same now for at-least
point 1 and 2.

  1. It’s always been that way; it’s how bbPress has always worked. Unless someone volunteers to code up an alternative, it’s not really a checkbox-style option we can change.

  2. Yeah. Bear in mind they just went live today. Working on it.

  3. We get complaints about the forums being too narrow, too; by making them fill the window, individuals can adjust their browser size. That’s kind of the only compromise I can think of.

  4. Again, that requires some pretty specific theme coding. If you’re offering to help out, drop me an email at admin@ and I’ll be happy to get you going!

  5. I’m definitely not seeing that in Safari or Chrome. Want to send me a screen shot?

Hi, I’m not getting email notifications, in case you didn’t know.

I’ve got to re-certify the email components with our host, apparently.

RE: 5 –

Just seems… too spaced out, though in most cases triple spaced is probably an exaggeration. Double-spaced, definitely.

I don’t know that I have the time to help out, I was hoping it’d be more of a complete solution here – hadn’t actually registered that this is built on Wordpress, actually, heh, so they’re doing some things right, at least. :wink:

I know you guys are busy as well, of course, just wanted to point stuff out for the times you are able to address things. ^^

Update: Below links are not working.

Forums ->

  • Topics with no replies
<li>New posts since last visit</li>

<li>My subscribed topics</li>

@js - I’m getting the notifications

[quote quote=118474]

js wrote:
Hi, I'm not getting email notifications, in case you didn't know.
@js – I'm getting the notifications[/quote]

Yes, Don fixed it. :+1:

@js are you facing issues in accessing below lniks directly
Forums ->

    Topics with no replies New posts since last visit My subscribed topics

Yes. Now clicking on Forums goes straight to forums. Uh oh, my notifications were in my hotmail junk folder.

I think, forums shortcuts are getting fixed now, hence the options are not shown.

Actually I’m not going to be able to deal with it today so I’ve disabled them for the time being.