Looking for testers for a tool I'm writing

Hello all,

A year ago I started using Windows after more than 2x years in linux/other unices/mac. One of the tools I really miss is ASDF. This is a global version manager for many tools (e.g. node.js, hugo, etc). While in unix like OS it’s much simpler to create such a tool, I’m trying to recreate at least some of the functionality for Windows + PowerShell. The project is in very early stage but it’s already somewhat usable (currently for standalone executables).

If someone is in need of such tool and is willing to do some manual work in order to test it, please checkout the asdf-win repository (check the releases page for pre-release downloads - I’m not allowed to post more then 2 links as a new user :frowning: ). Feedback is welcome :slight_smile:.

Thanks in advance