"Inventory Intervention" - Processor inventory script

I am trying to do exactly what was in the 2013 scripting games event 2. I’ve been trying to find Mike Robbins script and can’t as the link on his site isn’t working.

But I have an environment where I can’t patch the 2003 servers to get the right info and I’ve tried miserably to get the correct CPU count on servers.

Can anyone help me get a script that will report this information for the servers?

Thank you all!

You can try his site http://mikefrobbins.com/ he probably has it archived there.

I archived the beginner category including my losing scripts but I don’t have the advanced winners.

I added the script to one of my blog entries for that event since the link to it on the Scripting Games site is no longer valid. You can find it here:


Hi Mike,

Thank you very much!! I’m going to try it right now, I tried a couple others, but have read your version is the only one that really works on the 2003 servers that aren’t patched!

Really Appreciate it!

Hey Mike

Thank you again for this! Is there a way to get the number of cores per physical processor from the script as well if the 2003 servers aren’t patched?

Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem NumberOfLogicalProcessors | Select-Object NumberOfLogicalProcessors

This properties shows the number of physical PROCs