Installing MSI Packages Not On Node

I’m trying to provision a Sitecore machine to DSC. We are new to DSC, we have a DSC Pull Server setup, and I can get all the Windows Resources I need installed on the client node. Now I’m trying to install a DSC Package Resource. I really don’t want to have to touch the client machines and provide each one permission individually to some share (kind of defeats the point of CI). From what I understand the MSI needs to be one the machine locally, or located on a share it has permissions to. Is it possible to download via HTTP anonymously, or is there something I’m missing on how to get the client access to the share location where the MSIs are?

You can use an HTTP or HTTPS url as your installer path, though that may require the use of xPackage or cPackage from the DSC resource kit. (Don’t remember, off the top of my head, if that functionality was in the original Package resource or not.)