Install Software from network path using Package

Hi Team,

I am trying to install reportviewer from a network path in a system using package resource. Below is the code snippet.

Package ReportViewer
Ensure = “Present”
Path = “\\shares\wam942-60\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Runtime\ReportViewer.msi”
Name = “Report Viewer”
Arguments = “/S /V/qn”
ProductID = ‘’
LogPath = “$env:ProgramData\report_install.log”
DependsOn = “[Package]SQLScript”

But while running the code …it gets stuck…
So, any idea what could be the issue here?


You’ve showed us the code for [Package]ReportViewer, but it’s [Package]SQLScript that’s shown in your screenshot.

Couple of questions: How large is the MSI / exe used in this installation? What permissions are set on the share where the file is being downloaded from? Have you tried setting the Credential parameter in the Package resource? (This is used to access the source path.)

One workaround might be to use the File or xRemoteFile resources to copy the MSI to a temporary location on the local computer, then point the Package resource at that path.

Dave, When is it best to copy locally vs install remotely? what is going to use less network, the extraction of the ID and name from the MSI for comparison or the file comparison that the File Resorce uses? Doe they both have to transfer the full file?

I’d have to double check the code, will look into that when I have time.

Well, I suspect that using File or xRemoteFile would result in more overall network usage, but I can’t say by exactly how much. They cache the file localy, but that cache is wiped out every time you apply a new configuration. Package, on the other hand, doesn’t download a local copy of the msi at all when you use a UNC path. (This may be the cause of the slowness / hang, though; maybe it should cache a local copy of the file under these circumstances, instead of trying to do everything over the network.)

The main advantage of using Package without File/xRemoteFile (assuming it works) would be that it doesn’t need to download the file at all until it calls Set-TargetResource.

Hi Dave,

My Bad that the image didn’t sync with my question. First, I am trying to install SQLSysClrTyps.msi. So, When I am giving no argument in package error comes as :

PowerShell provider MSFT_PackageResource failed to execute Set-TargetResource functionality with error message: The return code 1619 was not expected. Configuration is likely not correct

If I provide the arguments looking into some powershell blogs , the installation gets stuck. PFA screenshot.


Return code 1619 is this: “This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package.”

I’m not sure where you found those arguments; they look more appropriate for an exe wrapper around an MSI, rather than for an MSI directly. This might work, if those arguments are for this particular package, though:

Arguments = '/qn ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress'

HI Dave,

The issue is same after changing the Arguments also. PFA.
Using xRemoteFile we can download one software from a URI, but what is the method to copy a fiel from a network path/


For UNC, you’d probably just use File.

I usually install via a UNC and have had no issues thus far over T1 for installers of close to 200mb.

I’m just offering alternatives. :slight_smile: I can’t reproduce the problem, and the OP is saying that installing over UNC isn’t working in their environment.

DSC runs as the local machine. on a domain then “Domain Comptuers” needs access to the SMB share and the NTFS permissions. (I dont think URI’s work) on a workgroup, the “Everyone” group should work.