Deploying msi : DSC_xPackageResource failed to execute Set-TargetResource functionality

i’m new to powershell DSC and actually building a lab.
I’ve got a Windows Server 2019 DSC Pull Server and a Windows Server 2019 DSC Pull Client.
I’m able to gather my configuration from my client to my server and i’m trying to deploy some msi.
I tried different apps with no success.

Here is the error i’m facing: Event 4252 Desired State Configuration
resource DSC PowerShell DSC_xPackageResource failed to execute Set-TargetResource.
The running command stopped because the preference variable “ErrorActionPreference” or common parameter is set to Stop: Access Denied

Here is my configuration

#1: Member server configuration
Configuration BasicConf {

    Param (
        [string[]]$ComputerName = 'Localhost'
    Import-DscResource -ModuleName xPSDesiredStateConfiguration

    #Target node
    Node $ComputerName {
        File TempFolder {
            Ensure             = 'Present'
            DestinationPath    = 'C:\TempFolder'
            Type               = 'Directory' 

        Environment CustomApp {
            Ensure             = 'Present'
            Name               = 'CustomApp'
            Value              = 'C:\TempFolder'
            Path               = $true
            DependsOn          = "[File]TempFolder"
		xPackage nxlog-ce{
			Name = 'NXLog-CE'	
			ProductId = '{B509F23E-1C14-4D12-87B0-884898435D47}'
			Path = '\\dsc-pull\sources\nxlog-ce-3.0.2272.msi'
			Ensure = 'Present'
		WindowsFeature 'FileServices'{
			Ensure = 'Present'
			Name = 'File-Services'

Many thanks for your Help,