How do I "switch back" to Powershell source code editor in VSCode?

I have been running VSCode with Powershell 6.1 (pwsh.exe) for several months. Then a few months ago I installed Anaconda Python 3.7 and configured VSCode to support one of the Python extensions. All worked fine, and I have for a few months not been running or testing Powershell scripts. Recently I have the need to update one of my PS scripts (.ps1) and somehow, the VSCode editor treats the .ps1 file I opened (a working PS script) as if it were a Python program. I must be missing some knowledge of a VSCode command or setting that tells VSCode editor I am now editting PS source code (i.e., script files) and not Python (.py) source code. In general, I am missing the proper steps to swtich back-and-forth between different languages in VSCode. Would be grateful for any tips and guidance. Thanking you in advance.


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btwn, see whats your default shell. Ctrl+Shift+P , then type default shell.