Getting request size exceeded configured MaxEnvelopeSize error


My envelope size is set to 2 MB, actual MOF file is 31KB in size and yet still getting error about MaxSize exceeded, where else I can look for clues why is this failing?

PS C:\Users\gsuvalian\AppData\Local\Temp\iis> dir

    Directory: C:\Users\gsuvalian\AppData\Local\Temp\iis

Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                -------------         ------ ----
-a----        4/27/2018   8:10 AM          31978 localhost.mof

PS C:\Users\gsuvalian\AppData\Local\Temp\iis> get-item -path WSMan:\localhost\MaxEnvelopeSizekb

   WSManConfig: Microsoft.WSMan.Management\WSMan::localhost

Type            Name                           SourceOfValue   Value
----            ----                           -------------   -----
System.String   MaxEnvelopeSizekb                              2048

PS C:\Users\gsuvalian\AppData\Local\Temp\iis> Start-DscConfiguration -ComputerName localhost -Wait -Verbose -Path .
VERBOSE: Perform operation 'Invoke CimMethod' with following parameters, ''methodName' =
SendConfigurationApply,'className' = MSFT_DSCLocalConfigurationManager,'namespaceName' =
The WinRM client sent a request to the remote WS-Management service and was notified that the request size exceeded
the configured MaxEnvelopeSize quota.
    + CategoryInfo          : LimitsExceeded: (root/Microsoft/...gurationManager:String) [], CimException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : HRESULT 0x80338111
    + PSComputerName        : localhost

VERBOSE: Operation 'Invoke CimMethod' complete.
VERBOSE: Time taken for configuration job to complete is 0.155 seconds

What’s the setting on the remote machine

I’m executing against localhost from console.

Looks like this is unresolved? I just wanted to check in.

It was resolved by upgrading version of Powershell.