Maximum return data size sent to report server??

We currently have a web pull server set up and our clients are set up to report back to a reporting server. We have PowerShell 5.1 installed.

This is my first crack at DSC and it appears to be working almost flawlessly, but I’ve run into one issue that appears to be related to the maximum size of the data that is being returned to the reporting server. We are setting up a rather large compliance check of around 300 resources. The problem is, once I add anything over 140 resources it doesn’t send the compliance status back to the reporting server. During troubleshooting, I downloaded the new PowerShell DSC Reporting Module and experienced similar results. This new reporting module creates a remote connection to the server(s) you want to check the compliance on and returns the data, but the script was saying that the max envelope size was exceeded, so I needed to up the WinRM maxenvelopsizekb. I’m assuming there is something similar that I need to do to allow this on the pull server, but I can’t figure out what it is.

So far I’ve added the following settings to the web.config, but still am running into the issue. Any help would be much appreciated!

Yeah, known issue - I think we even mention it in “The DSC Book” under known issues. It’s actually not DSC per se, it’s IIS and WinRM. (Also, you can’t paste XML - please put it in a Gist, and paste the Gist URL here). I believe with IIS, you need to modify the server, not the website.

Hey Don! Thanks for the reply. I actually just fixed this up an hour or so ago :slight_smile: I found someone that had the same issue and ended modifying the web.config on the pull server. I threw in large numbers for basicHttpBinding (maxBufferSize, maxRecievedMessageSize) and readerQuoats (maxDepth,maxStringContentLength,maxArrayLength,maxBytesPerRead,maxNameTableCharCount) and it started working! I’ll look to adjust the numbers a bit next week so they aren’t so enormous :slight_smile: