Fresh question about what to learn with powershell

Dear People,

i few days ago i did topic question what to learn next to powershell.
Some people gave them there opinion.

But lets start over, for fresh answers.

at the moment i’m learning powershell and learning for mcsa Office 365.
my colleague told me to look also to a other language that is to learn next to powershell.

now i heard a vew languages C# / Python / Ruby.

in the future i want to create application for better automation, and other it support tools for all platforms.

so wat are you’re opnions tot what to learn.

You’re not going to want to learn “one language to support tools for all platforms.” You’re going to want to learn a great language for each platform you need to support. I know that sounds harder, but it isn’t, really - most languages are based at least loosely on C, so their syntax is always similar. But the “one size fits all” approach with languages is like the “one size fits all” approach for clothing. Never fits right.

For Windows, I’d say PowerShell and C#. For Linux, I’d probably go with Python, myself.

is c# also great for office / web applications?


If you think about using python in the linux world, then I would use it again for web stuff. In my opinion there are some great web frameworks in python to start with like django.

So if you already use python and C# why not using it for office applications?