Mayby weird question about programming / scripting

Hi People,

i’m learning powershell now fro three months, and some people start telling me to learn also a program language.
they telling 2 different languages VBScript or C#

So my Question is wich is better

VBScript or C#

C# in my opinion. You can also use C# code inside powershell with the ‘add-type’ cmdlet. I would also say Vb Script is slowly on its way out.

Ah okay, any tips where to start?

Stop for a moment and think about why you need to learn another language. Do you intend to write applications? Are you an administrator or a developer? if you’re an administrator then concentrate on PowerShell. C# has a similar, but different enough to be confusing, syntax.
Decide why you’re learning a scripting or programming language and what you want/need to do with that language.

Simple decision making:
If developer concentrate on C#
If administrator concentrate on PowerShell

You can always add another language in the future. Trying to learn too many things at once will only be confusing


Thanks for the tip.
a lot of people told me to also learn an extra language.

at the moment i dont know realy which way i want, developer or administrator.
what i realy intrerested find is powershell because with the scripting you can do a lot of automatisation.

what i want to do in the future is cloud management, like office 365, sharepoint etc. i want to build things that make the work easier.

You could look at Ruby\Python which can be used to script across multiple OS’s (although Powershell is headed in that direction as well). Ruby can be used for DevOps and could be extended to Ruby On Rails for web applications. Regardless of the language, I think it’s important to have solid fundamentals in programming and you can learn any language.

@ rob Simmers,

But what is good to start creating a solid fundamental.
is powershell already a solid fundamental or is it good to learn an extra language ?

when yes, which because you said ruby or python.

In the future i want to do more with office 365 and cloud management. creating application to automate functionality of different platforms, like windows 10, android.

so at the moment i’m stuck.

C# looks great and have similair things of powershell.
Python looks easy but for me it looks sometime weird, is this because i’m learning powershell?
Ruby seams easy and looks better to learn than python but im not sure if it is the language that i need for where i want to go.

Any further tips