Want to learn more


I m not from programming / coding background, but after learning and using PS, I just fall in love of coding. I found that I m good at coding. My brain process codes more faster. But the limitation is I know only powershell. Whenever I m looking for solutions in forums, I used to see people use classes and methods, type accelerators etc. I also use those when I see how peole use it. Yes, its true I m not able to use them at one chance, I have to look for more and more information using multiple forum, then I can figure out something.

Now my question to you is, I want to learn these things. I know PS use dot net framework, but I can’t find the point from where I should start. I think if I can learn the framework, I can do more better. Could you please guide me how should I proceed?



Sankhadip Roy.

If you are looking for C#, then “Learning Programming in C#, A Premier” by E Balagurusamy is my choice.

if you are going in scripting power shell, try to learn more from online resources like udemy, lynda etc, or watch youtube tutorial videos, buy some good book from amazon.