programming languages that are "close to powershell" to learn?

I am new to powershell, but was wondering if there were any other languages one could learn to either add complimentary knowledge to powershell, extend my understanding, or just further add another “like language” in regards to furthering my work or career skills. I don’t want to learn any language for the time being that I will not use or find useful in a work related environment.


Well, any .NET language would be useful in getting to know the framework that PowerShell is built on, but many of PowerShell’s syntax elements and concepts (the pipeline, etc) won’t be present in those languages. C# would probably be the closest to PowerShell.

Thanks for the response dave, im in 70-410/411/412 server class right now and there beating the powershell left and right so i got cbts powershell course, and am trying to soak everything in atm.

just wanted to put something on the future to-learn list if something was necessary.

on a slightly different subject, is this site still offering shell certifications/in the near future? i was just curious because its my understanding this was the only site to issue those.