Feedback on an idea?

What are your thoughts about creating a PowerShell focused site on StackExchange.

I am interested in becoming more involved and I have a couple of ideas about how to best use my time to build community

  1. Help build out by getting more involved here and cross promotion on other powershell tech boards

  2. Create a new site at stackexchange and lead that effort.

FAQ for Q&A sites in StackExchange

I don’t really have any plan or preferences yet and right now its more of a fact finding and getting some feedback. Please feel free to add your ideas on how best we can grow this comuunity


So, first off, I don’t think anyone would object to you spearheading a dedicated Stack Exchange on PowerShell. I certainly wouldn’t.

That said, there are already dozens of places - including StackOverflow and ServerFault - where PowerShell questions are routinely asked and answered. Here, the TechNet forums, lots of spots. I’m not sure I personally see the value of Yet Another PowerShell Q&A Site, but that’s just me - if you see the value, then forge ahead ;).

I’ll offer this: While Stack Exchange’s format obviously works great in a lot of situations, it isn’t necessarily the best or only format. We get a lot of posts here, for example, that are asking “what’s the best way,” something most Stack Exchange sites prohibit. So I wouldn’t want to replace’s forums with a Stack Exchange. And, while StackOverflow itself is obviously wildly successful, I’ve personally found its model to work less well with an admin audience (as on ServerFault); admins tend to follow-up less, so you get fewer answer votes, less up/down voting, and all the other things that make Stack Exchange “work.” Just an audience cultural difference, I think.

You’re certainly welcome to chip in here - we can always use more folks answering questions and offering alternatives and explanations to questions that have already been answered. It’s always deeply appreciated when people take time to help others!