Azure Forum

What do you guys think about adding an Azure forum. It seems like there is no good place to work out PowerShell and ARM template interactions and code. I have been doing some stuff on the only option I can find on the Chef Azure slack channel, but I think our community could benefit and contribute to this a lot topic. I know Will has come good experience with this, and I am starting to get pretty good with it myself. What do you think?

We’ve actually had some discussions on this in the past. Since ARM templates aren’t really PowerShell, and since we have people working in Google and AWS as well, it seems kind of exclusive. We also talked about possibly having a DevOps Technologies forums. A place where you can have discussions on anything not pertaining directly to PowerShell like Chef, Ansible, etc., but Stack Overflow has a really good community on that as well.

I’d love to see some comments in here on this topic. We’re always open to listening to feedback and changes, and considering implementing them if they make sense.