Edit Behavior

It appears when I submit a post it immediately shows in the forum. If I see a misspelling or something, I edit the post and re-submit it, then it appears to go to moderation or something and the post no longer shows. Then it shows I replied to the post, but there is no post there. All of the posts I initially answer are note moderated, so is it a different process when a post is modified\edited?

As this is a Wordpress-based forum (bbPress), we are using Akismet for automatic spam filtering. Akismet is theoretically supposed to learn spam characteristics and catch bad posts based on a learning algorithm that intakes data from all Wordpress websites on which it is enabled. Apparently, editing posts is one of the characteristics that triggers it, and it seems that a single edit is enough. None of the Akismet documentation tells you what specific things about a post will cause them to be filtered, because it’s based on aggregation and correlation of large amounts of data.

Akismet has no configuration options. It can either be on or off. Unfortunately, we do get enough actual spam that turning it off isn’t really an option.

Nothing that gets marked as spam is automatically deleted. It is hidden on the forum and kept in a list. Myself, kvprasoon, and the other moderators manually sift through the list and clear any false positives whenever we are able - but the forum doesn’t really have enough active moderators and even if we had several more, no one is going to monitor the spam queue constantly.

Maybe we should just put in the comments “Not Spam”…“I AM NOT A ROBOT…BEEP BOOP” :slight_smile: