Don't give up (you got this)!

You’re likely here because you have a question. You might even be frustrated. I’m dropping in to just let you know you got this, and more importantly: learning this WILL matter, so the time spent on this is not wasted.

Short story to back this up: I started pushing PowerShell hard when Exchange 2007 took the leap and it became impossible to configure a server farm unless you knew it. A fwe years later DSC was announced and I was all in. Few year after that? I left all Microsoft related work and supported a pure Linux/AWS/Container/serverless farm for 2 years. Wait … what? Yeah … stopped PowerShell entirely. But you know what?

Learning a language like PowerShell that is so far beyond simple DOS/BASH scripts meant learning things like Python was easier. The concepts of structuring your code, testing with pester, all f it translated well into a Linux world. Then something crazy happened.

Someone in another department was trying to figure out how to convert their mess of old scripts to work with ansible, packer and other modern cloud tools. There’s something wonderfully easy about the PowerShell verb model … I was able to crank out a simple server deployment in an afternoon. The commands were easy to pick back up (get-verb… oh yeah), and the further knowledge I gained from coding in Python and Go easily translated back to making even higher quality code in PowerShell. So even though I basically abandoned Microsoft for awhile … it continued to pay dividends.

It’s WORTH IT. You’re not just learning a new way to script. You’re learning a programming language, and in this developers first world that is invaluable. Keep at it, whoever you are. No matter how much that current PowerShell project must suck … you got this. And it will pay back.

Nice post and thanks for sharing your experiences.

Cheers Justin.

Very good post Justin. For me, Powershell has also been a wonderful investment. I’ve been able to automate tasks that I used to perform on a regular basis. Also, I used to hate scripting/coding but I now love it. Powershell is definitely worth it.

Coldplay - Everything’s Not Lost

great !!! that is exactly what is going on now with me now but got some basic programming language knowledge by reading your story can i ask you where did you start off again?

I’ve been using it on a need to use basis for about 6 years, things like managing O365 email accounts, taking offline copies of VHD’s in HyperV 2.0 before decent backup software was around. And now with my new job it is a lot of pulling data from SQL on Azure and sending data in various formats out to different applications or departments. So now I really have to up my game.

I am going through a couple of Udemy classes and the Learn PS in a month of Lunches. Lot of review on some things, but the Loops and Functions are escaping me right now. I know it will click, I just have to keep reading these forums and trying more of these out in my environment.


You guys rock, thanks so much for a cool community!