Display problem with user's "Topics Started" and "Replies Created" pages

For example: https://powershell.org/forums/users/dlwyatt/replies/

The data is all there if you view the page source, and you can see a very long vertical scroll bar in the web browser. I’m assuming that it’s a problem with the CSS code that’s displaying white text on a white background, or something along those lines.

It’s PROBABLY because I’ve had to shut off a few caching mechanisms, and the CDN, in advance of the migration this weekend. Your browser is probably trying to download a CSS that no longer exists instead of pulling it right from the site. Or something.

Solution: Go on holiday. Come back later. I’m not going to be doing any troubleshooting on the old site.

So, this is clearly not fixed post-migration - it’s probably always been a problem that nobody noticed. It’s going to take me some time to figure out WTF it’s doing. Thanks for letting me know!


has there been any advance made in resolving this problem? I’m still getting a blank space when trying to see my replies or topics I’ve started.


No, no advance has been made. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been anyone other than myself offer to try and troubleshoot the problem in the PHP and CSS code, and I’ve been swamped with work. I would not anticipate any progress on this until mid-to-late summer based on my current work obligations. it’s top on my list to work on, though.

Hi Don,

thanks for your reply and for keeping the forum running, it’s really helping me learn and greatly appreciated. I think I still have the emails from topics I’ve raised so I’ll use the links in those for now.



Sorry post in the wrong thread and can’t delete post.

I think I’ve fixed this problem, guys - check in your browsers and LMK. It’s kinda devilish, so if you’re not seeing a fix, give me browser details.

Works for me, thanks Don.