I'm confused. Is the forum migrated now?

There has been a banner for some days at the top of the page asking for patience. Now it’s gone but it seems nothing has changed?

Could you please at least keep us a little up to date about the progress. It doesn’t have to be much. :wink:

On that note, I see posts that I know I previously replied to and now the reply is gone. Does this have to do with the migration?

I have noticed that several times before as well. Sometimes it looks like an old backup has been restored or the forum has been resetted to an old snapshot or something like this.

What’s most unsatisfying for me is that there is no information about what’s going on. Usually people are just fine with almost everything someone else is struggling if they’d just know it I think. This way it’s hard to keep patient.

There is an update provided on the upgrade last night. Its under testing now for proper moderation. All the accounts are migrated.

More info here: https://powershell.org/2021/02/website-and-forum-upgrades/


great news. Thank you very much.

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@Olaf we are now officially on the new platform!