New Site Bugs\Requests

I shot the webmaster an email, but just saw the request to place issues here. Just some of the stuff I’ve seen:

  • Avatar pictures redirect to a blank page (e.g. Same links in your Name and avatar at the top of the website as well.
  • The submit button almost looks disabled and the mouseover just changes to a hand.
  • The breadcrumb path is no longer available, so to get back one level take a couple of clicks (if you post).

want to support the last point on here, the lack of the breadcrumb path is really painful.

when just reading topics it’s not such a big deal to use the backspace, but not really user-friendly or a good UI.

And when you submit a topic, or reply to a topic, using the back buttons to get back to the specific forum you were reading, is just… not a very good idea.


I get the attempt to have a newer cleaner look, but I’d really love a way to revert to the old style of topic presentation. as it is… I have over 50% white-space on my screen at any given time. just so much wasted real estate