deploying POSH V4 or 5.1

We are about to deploy Powershell V4 to win 7 sp1 pcs in my company. Is there reasons to deploy V5.1 vs 4?

I keep reading about issues deploying 5.1 over wMF 3.0…is this still valid issue or as it been fixed?

"WMF 3.0 must not be installed. Installing WMF 5.1 over WMF 3.0 will result in the loss of the PSModulePath, which can cause other applications to fail. Before installing WMF 5.1, you must either un-install WMF 3.0, or save the PSModulePath and then restore it manually after WMF 5.1 installation is complete. "

thanks for any input

I’m fairly sure that was fixed.

In terms of “is there reasons,” I guess it depends on why you’re deploying any new version at all. What are you looking to gain?

To be honest I am not sure other than staying current. we are just starting to really use POSH. (reading your books now :wink:

Soon we will refresh to win10 so I thought having everyone on 5.1 would make sense. But input is very welcome

So, v4 introduced DSC, but v5.x is the “new improved” DSC. V5 has support for classes. Honestly, if neither of those mean anything to you, I’m not entirely certain it’s worth the effort. It doesn’t get you any magical new abilities other than DSC, really.

Don, Thanks!

Thats set me straight. V4 it is then then New refreshed pc’s will have 5.1.

A question on DSC, I am fairly new can you point me to a good resource on DSC? Also can you explain a few simple use cases for it at the desktop level. When I roll out new win10 pc’s in a corporate environment What can DSC do for me>

again thanks

Well, I wrote “The DSC Book” on Leanpub, so I’m partial to it.

And no, I don’t in any way think it’s useful for rolling out new client PCs. DSC is about maintaining computers - mainly servers - in a known, “desired” state. It’s not a deployment tool and I don’t think you’ll enjoy it for that.

Well I own all the rest of your books might as well add that one to the list.

I had meant post deployment is DSC helpful for end user pc’s or is it all about servers?

If you’re deploying PowerShell v4 to Windows 7 machines and v5.1 to new machines you have a version mismatch to manage. While the DSC changes and PowerShell classes are the big changes between the 2 versions there a number of small minor changes and bug fixes that could mean you need to put extra logic into your scripts to cope with that.

I’ve never been a big fan of deliberately introducing extra heterogeneity into my environment.

Richard, I agree. We plan on moving to v4 now on existing win7 and migrating as we refresh