Running DSC conf from PS5 on PS4

I’ve made a full solution to install my servers. I use Windows 2012 R2 and PS5 on my main server. When I run my configuration on another Windows 2012 R2 PS5 server it run smooth.
My problem is when i run on a Windows 2012 R2 PS4. Then I get an error:

The configuration document with version 2.0.0 cannot be processed by LCM version 1.0.0 because the MinimumCompatibleVersion value is 2.0.0. For the document to be compatible
with this LCM, the property minimumCompatibleVersion should be set to 1.0.0 in the OMI_ConfigurationDocument instance. Regenerate the configuration document to update the M
inimumCompatibleVersion property, or upgrade the version of DSC that is running on this computer.

I’ve checked my meta.mof file and it it already have the MinimumCompatibleVersion set to 1.0.0

@GenerationDate=01/27/2016 12:52:32

instance of MSFT_DSCMetaConfiguration as $MSFT_DSCMetaConfiguration1ref
CertificateID = “4883F215AF885AEBDDA8CFB059354214013723E6”;


instance of OMI_ConfigurationDocument
MinimumCompatibleVersion = “1.0.0”;
CompatibleVersionAdditionalProperties= { };
GenerationDate=“01/27/2016 12:52:32”;

Hope someone can help.

So, when you run a configuration script to produce a MOF, it gets versioned on the authoring machine. That’s your problem. You’d need to produce the MOF under WMF4 for it to be valid.

The error message is a little misleading. I don’t think the LCM is actually looking at MinimumCompatibleVersion. I know that’s been bugged by others before.

I just ran into the same issue. Any recommendations on development environment setup to run WMF4 & WMF5 side by side? Having to flip flop machines just to do development/generation seems cumbersome.

Right now, side-by-side isn’t possible.