Copy all needed custom resources

I would like to do push configuration and send over all my custom resources on the fly to remote machines that need it, is there a best way of doing this? I can think of a bunch using the script resource but it would be awesome if there was something slick out of the box. Thanks.

Not with purely push, no. In v5, a node can be configured to check a pull server for resources, even if the configuration is being pushed. Or, obviously you can manually deploy the resources ahead of time.

As Don mentioned, v5 will get you there, you can build a fileshare with domain computer permissions, then in your push config include pull server information for the LCM.

Alternatively, grab some of the public cluster resources (like xsqlserver). Those almost all have “old school” copy commands buried in the examples to ensure modules are copied to and available on every node during the push of a cluster config. You may be able to lift some of that.

Hey thanks, being able to pull from a fileshare even with a push sounds great.

So if I base64 encode the files I need into a variable inside of the mof and write it to the file system on the other side this would not work? Is that correct? The resources have to exist before the mof starts being executed on the remote server?