How to update Pull Server

I configured one pull server and one client in DSC. I created some File resource to copy files from pull server to client machine. And I created one Registry resource to create some registry(I have lot of configurations like this). This registry is created in node machine.

How could I create that registry in Pull server? Do I need to create manually or Can I use DSC for this? If I could use DSC , which modal I need to use Pull or Push? It would be fine if you give some code samples.

I hope we should not change the Pull server LCM to Pull with other LCM configuration like pull node. Should we?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Vinoth,

Sorry I do not understand what you mean with update Pull server. Please attach your configuration script and may be try to rephrase what you are trying to do. Have you read our free ebook on DSC?


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the response. I think I am not explain the issue well. Here is my scenario.

[ol]1] I configured one pull server and one pull client node.
2] I have PullNodeConfig.ps1 script with two resources[Registry Resource –Create Registry, Script Resource - Create AppPool]].
3] When I execute the script one MOF file is generated for pull client node. I rename the MOF file with respect GUID and create one checksum file. I put that in Pull Server configuration folder.
4] Now the AppPool and registry is created in Pull client node machine.[/ol]

Now my requirement is I want to create that registry and AppPool in my Pull Server itself. I have below plans to implement that.

[ol]1] Create separate configuration file for Pull server along with that resources. And using PUSH [Start-DSCConfiguration] method I will implement and create that registry and AppPool in my Pull server.
2] Or Modify the Pull the Server Local configuration Manger like pull client machine and create MOF file with GUID and put it in configuration folder with checksum values.[/ol]

I am not sure about above process is good or not and the impacts. Please let me know if it is good practices or let me know is there any other way to do. If nothing is possible I will configure it manually .

Please let me know if you need any details.

Thanks again for providing instance response.

I would use Pull Server but both will work .

Hi Vinoth,

Yes. You can configure your Pull server to be a client to itself. For consistency reasons use the same LCM configuration apart from the client specific properties.


Hi Daniel,

I tried it and it works as expected. Thank you so much.