Companion Web Authoring Language for Powershell

Hi Folks,

I came late to Powershell due to having to maintain legacy systems. Previously, I put together a solution in vbScript to pull information from WMI ADSI providers etc and store it in SQL.

ASP being essentially the web based version of vbScript, enabled me to build a portal on our Intranet to access the SQL database. I was able to create a search engine, manage software deployments, asset management, server health and so on.

Since then we deployed SCCM and I moved to Powershell. But SCCM lacks in some areas so I would still like to have a facility whereby my Powershell output is sent to SQL and is retrievable from a web page.

I’m wondering if you guys can recommend a web authoring language. ASP.NET is too hardcore. PHP seems to be good for pulling data from SQL. Ruby, Python are the cool cloud languages at the moment but don’t really suit IIS. Then there is Javascript.

Is there a general consensus on what to use. I should add that I’m an Infrastructure guy first and foremost.

Thanks Michael

Hi Michael,

Sending data to SQL is easy using powershell. I am not certain what your needs are for rendering on a web page, but you should definitely look into They have everything you need to actually generate webpages. I use their data access cmdlets almost daily.

Thanks Kevin, looks to be the type of thing I am after.