Invoking PowerShell with PHP?

Forgive my newbness, but is there a way to invoke powershell scripts with or any other web enabled language? I’m working on creating a network monitoring tool with a web interface, and I would like it to be able to refresh data via button click on the web interface, which would hopefully run a PS script in the background and return the updated data to to the SQL database, where it could then be retrieved by the web interface and displayed.

Alternatively, is there an existing tool that someone else has built and made available for me to learn from, adapt and utilize?

Something like this ?

or this:

Just make sure you sanitize user input. That first example is scary.

It’s mentioned in a comment, but this is a must:

// Best practice tip: We run out POST data through a custom regex function to clean any unwanted characters, e.g.:
// $username = cleanData($_POST["username"]);

Awesome, thank you very much!