Color suggestion - make the code more accessible to color blind people

I’m partially color blind so I’m more aware of legibility of colors than your average person.

The color choice for cmdlets (blue) on the background (light gray) is very hard to read with my partial color blindness. There are tools out there on the Internet that will determine if there is enough contrast between 2 colors so that they are legible. There are also tools out there that will render an image as how a person with a particular type of color blindness would see it (or rather a simulation of how they would see it).

Thanks for letting me leave the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you try changing the theme from your preferences settings.

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Sorry if that’s inappropriate but I’m curious. Would that be better with these glasses for color blind persons like Enchroma or something like this?

(Don’t answer if you think that’s not of my business.)

I doubt people are going to buy special glasses to view the code on your site. I merely offered a suggestion. It appears as though you are not open to the idea. So be it. Be well.

I’d like to appologize if that was offending to you. That was not on purpose. It’s not my site. I’m just a regular user as well. I was really just curious if this kind of glasses would even work in such a case.

Sorry again.

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No offense taken. I merely responded that people won’t buy special glasses to view the contents of this site.

Thanks that worked after several attempts on my part. If you hadn’t provided me a direct link to the preferences I don’t think I would have found it myself. I eventually found it the browsing way, 1) click my avatar; 2) click the person icon; 3) select preferences; 4) select interface. Intuitive? Not really but I found it.

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