Visual Studio Code PowerShell Extension

Does anyone know if the PowerShell extension in Visual Studio Code supports\can mimic the as-you-type color scheme of the standard console ?

control k control t, select powreshell ise color theme. It comes close. I wish I could copy and paste it here.

Yeah, I already selected the PowerShell color theme.

Like I asked, I am trying to replicate the colors of cmdlets, parameters, variables, etc as-you-type in the standard console. Currently, everything as you type is just white in the Visual Studio Terminal.


Here is a command turned into gibberish by adding $PSHome at the end to get that green splash of color at the end to illustrate what I am talking about:

Oh, for the console on the bottom. If I click ‘1: powershell’ to the right of ‘TERMINAL’, it has colors.

Thanks. For whatever reason it wasn’t working even after I reloaded the PowerShell extension.

Once I selected the + (New Terminal) it loaded the colors. And the colors persisted after I re-launched the application.