Cannot Reply to Forum Thread

I’m unable to reply to the forum thread below - I press submit and nothing shows on the thread. In addition, it’s hard to believe that no one else would have posted yet.

So, keep in mind that you posted on a day when a lot of people are taking off work and celebrating. It’s not that unusual to not get an immediate reply.

The fact that you’re able to post means it isn’t a logon problem. I’d need some more information to troubleshoot further - does anything at all happen when you click Submit? Does the page simply not refresh, or does the page refresh and then not show your response? I’ve not run into anyone else having this problem, so I’m at a bit of a loss. You’re welcome to contact our webmaster@ e-mail alias if you’re unable to respond here.

Hey, Don. I suspected yesterday might be a slow day and that’s why I waited as long as I did. If I remember correctly, there were other replies coming in on other forum topics–not a hundred percent, though.

Regardless, when I pressed submit, it sent me to a modified URL (that included the post number), but it didn’t display my post along with the original forum question. Other than the URL changing, it appeared that it simply reloaded the page, and ultimately emptied the submission textbox. I went through my phone history and included some links below that may be helpful.

Edit: I should also mention that when you added your reply to the other thread, I was sent and received an email notifing me the thread had a follow-up reply.

Looks like Wordpress filtered your replies as Spam for some reason. Not sure why, but I’ve clicked the “Not Spam” button on your most recent reply. Sorry about that! :slight_smile:

Thank you for looking into this and getting it resolved, Dave. Much appreciated!