Adjust a Textfile in a Remote session

Hi There,

I am wondering if someone has any good ideas for adjusting .ps1 or other files over a remote session.

i have found vim or vi for windows, but this would force me to install vi or vim on every server we have.

Maybe someone has a good idea or solution.


If you mean, “console text editor,” in v4 or earlier, no. There’s definitely nothing native. Although, forget Remoting and just open the file via UNC.

Hi Don, thanks for your quick reply.

That is what i meant indeed.

in v4 or earlier no, ok i can live with that.
in v5 yes? or still no options.

The problem we face is that UNC is not always allowed trough firewall configurations.

Remoting in 5 gains the ability to copy files over the WSMAN channel. So while that still doesn’t enable a local editor on the remote box, it means the ISE on your workstation can grab the file via Remoting, edit it, and save it back to the remote box more or less seamlessly. I think Snover did a demo at PowerShell Summit 2015 - it’ll be on our YouTube channel in his session recording, I think. Unless it was NDA at the time,

From a different video i saw something we can use.

if you use remoting from ISE, you can use the psedit command to open your files.

Thanks Don!