Visual Studio - PowerShell Remoting

I am testing Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Code with powershell extensions and having some issues in regard to remoting when it comes to the editor.

In PowershellISE, when I initiate a remote session, for example:

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName w12-tp -Credential tp\administrator

Anything I run from the PS ISE editor runs in that remote session.

However, when I launch the command in VSCode or Visual studio community after I have initiated that same remote session, I receive this error in the output window, which seems that it is trying to take the path of my script and mirror it on the remote server:

[w12-tp] PS C:\Users\administrator.TP\Documents> C:\Users\bclanton\Google Drive\Code\Projects\PowerShellProject1\PowerShellProject1\PowerShellProject1.ps1
Local script (C:\Users\bclanton\Google Drive\Code\Projects\PowerShellProject1\PowerShellProject1\PowerShellProject1.ps1) cannot be run through remote PowerShell session
The program 'PowerShellProject1.ps1: PowerShell Script' has exited with code 0 (0x0).

Has anyone had experience with this and know if there is a setting I need to adjust to allow for running code in the editor on my remote session?

The ISE maintains a persistent connection because of the way it handles scope; VS Code doesn’t - which is actually more proper for a development environment. Enter-PSSession is for interactive use, and VS Code is for developing scripts. I don’t believe the PowerShell extension currently supports what you’re trying to do.