Remotely running hotfixes

by AevnsGrandpa at 2013-03-14 13:36:22

I am in the process of setting up my firewalled servers to use remote admin and I need to run Microsoft and possibly other security patches and hotfixes on the remote servers. I have been doing this with a CMD file so is there a different way to kick these off from within power shell?

I guess while I am asking, can I also copy the files from my local workstation through powershell to the remote servers?


by DonJ at 2013-03-15 08:57:32
Sure, you can copy files from your workstation to the servers. It’ll look almost exactly like it does in Cmd.exe. Use the copy command (or Robocopy, frankly - a lot more robust) to a UNC on the server. PowerShell is the successor to Cmd.exe and most stuff in it can look pretty similar.

In terms of RUNNING the files once they’re on the remote machine, PowerShell can possibly make that a bit easier - but setting it up can be complex. You’ll need to enable remoting on the servers. If those are in the domain with your workstation, it’ll be easy. If they’re not, it isn’t as easy - but it’s well-documented.
by AevnsGrandpa at 2013-03-15 11:17:09
Thanks, I have read through the ebook on remoting and was in your all day class on Monday of Orlando’s Techmentor last week.

I have got things wqorking so I can remote in from my domained joined enterprise laptop into the firewalled worgrouped servers running 2K8r2. :slight_smile: Now I just will work on my scripting so I can kick off the job on my laptop and have it run and report back to me what is going on. I figured I would just run through PSH the normal command line to install the hotfixes.

Thanks and now I have to also do a presentation for my unit on all this that you fill ed my brain with at the conference!!