Work Remotely with PowerShell without enabling Remoting

Hello All -

I am very new to powershell(learning on powershell v3) and have a question on powershell remoting. With no doubt Powershell remoting is great and is really a boon for system administrators.

I am able to run certain cmdlets (like Get-EventLog, Get-Process, Get-Service, etc… ) against remote machines even without having to enable the remoting on those remote machines. Whereas other cmdlets like Get-Windowsfeature works only when remoting is enabled.

My question is, do we have a list of cmdlets that can run against remote machines without remoting enabled?


No, there is no central list. Your best bet would be to list commands that include a -ComputerName parameter - many of those will be Remoting commands, but that’s the best you can do in terms of getting a list. The list will be small, and the underlying communications protocol will be different for each one.

Providing direct remote support requires a lot more work for the cmdlet programmer, and so unless the underlying .NET Framework classes include remote capabilities, most programmers simply rely on Remoting.

Many thanks Don!