Run local cmdlets on remote machines

I installed WMF 5.1, and I want to run some cmdlets (ex: Get-localuser), but I want to run it on servers that don’t have any of those cmdlets because they are on older versions of PowerShell. Is that possible? The Servers are 2012R2

No, you cant use Get-localuser, try Get-WmiObject -Class win32_useraccount

Thanks for the response. Just to be sure, is it possible at all to use cmdlets that are available on on one machine against a remote machine, if that remote machine doesn’t have the same version of Powershell, but the OS on both machines are the same?

Any cmdlet you call using a remoting session OR through Invoke-Command must exist on the remote machine. You CAN’T use a local cmdlet in a remoting session (or Invoke-Command) against a remote machine.