Windows 10 Full Device Wipe via PowerShell

Is there a way thru PowerShell to wipe/reset a Windows 10 Mashines back to it’s factory default in silent mode?
I couldn´t find anything on the net.

Has anyone a PS script to share?


For a full Windows Restore, no, there is / are no built-in cmdlet(s) for this you are going to have code it yourself.

You can use PoSH to create a System Recovery Image that you can use to restore from.

How to Use a PowerShell Script to Create the Recovery Image ''

thanks you @postanote
at least I don´t need to waste time anymore looking for it. I am surprised that MS has no cmdlet for that. It is basic stuff in my opinion. we are looking for a quick solution to remotely reset mashines for new employees. recovery image sounds like doing a lot of work.