Where can I find some creative scripting tasks to improve PS skills?

Fellow PS Lovers,

I am new to this forum and a beginner in PowerShell. I have been writing some simple scripts in PS like automated logging in to a site, sending automated e-mails etc to name a few.

Can we find a list of Tasks like that somewhere which helps anyone learn Powershell in a more interesting way and explore new cmdlets and features on the way?

If not, can we all please make such a list? For Beginner Level. Thank you!

I would recommend reading “PowerShell in a month of lunches” also looking at the ebooks on here and some videos. Also the Microsoft virtual academy is a good source. Depending on how you wish to use PowerShell it is difficult to point you to an exact source.


You could also try the puzzles we’re publishing every week in the run up to the Iron Scripter competition at Summit. You’ll see the posts for the puzzles (and a week later the commentary) on the powershell.org home page. There’s also a forum for discussing the puzzles

Thank you Simon & Richard. The Puzzle was really helpful.

Do you have a list of similar tasks which Beginners can work on or break their head? But beginner level.

Another thing you can do is look at the questions folks ask in this forum. I look at most posts, and if I don’t know the answer I go off to google and start working on it on my own to see if I can figure out how to do it on my own. If I figure it out, great! If I don’t, I come back and read the solution someone posted and then go back to my own code I wrote to understand what is being done.

Not everything may be relevant to what you need to use powershell for, but it will help with overall knowledge.

That sounds like a really good approach Jon! I should start doing that, as I am running out of things-to-script (beginner level) in PowerShell. Thank you! :slight_smile:

You could also try the Under the wire wargames

There is also the old Scripting Games events still available in the archives of the Scripting Guy blog on Technet. Both beginner and advanced topics.

I would read “PowerShell in a month of lunches” and then after going trough that book I would try and see what tasks I can use my new found knowledge at… I guess it all depends on your daily tasks if you use it at work. Me for example, started using Powershell when I began working with Exchange, I quickly saw that sometimes I had to use Powershell, to do my tasks, since changing aliases on a lot of users manually, really wasnt an option. After a while I started saving all the tasks/scripts I do, so that I can go back on them, and eventually, you start making things, functions, scripts, modules that makes your workday a lot better :wink: You get tired of arguing for RDP sessions with other admins, when you can use Powershell to do the same tasks :slight_smile: