Can someone suggest the easiest way to learn PS?


Many of you find this request quite funny and childish, but trust me this is the biggest pain area for me. I am working on Windows server since over 10 years but always worked through GUI. I am purely into Administration side and have no idea/knowledge about Programming, coding or scripting. To be very frank, I am afraid of coding as it’s difficult for me to understand. I want to learn Powershell and trying to get some idea from online resources, documents, videos since 1 year but not going anywhere. I find the PS Syntax too confusing, specially when it comes to scripting.

Since most of you are having extensive experience in PS, I am posting this query here. Can someone suggest me any resource (docs,video or anything else) which can help me to learn Powershell and scripting from very basic.

I wrote the exact book for you. Http:// has my list and links.

Jason Helmick did a Microsoft MVA with Jeffrey Snover that’s an excellent and free place to start.

Pluralsight also has excellent videos and is very affordable. Jeff Hicks did a series for absolute beginners and there’s a whole learning path with those.

Good luck and welcome!

Thanks a lot. I will see if I can get it in India.

Pluralsight has locally adjusted pricing for India!!

And let me know about the books. The publisher sells e-books directly, so you can definitely do that. It’s just priced in dollars so it may be steep after the exchange rate.

Just like you I just started at some point. What I did was buy “Learn PowerShell in 30 days of Lunches”, After that I watched the “Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell” on the MVA site ( It’s from 2013 but still applicable to get you started.

Those two will get your basic skills up to speed. After that it’s a matter of doing, failing, learning from it and moving on. Most of all, try to enjoy the journey!

Hope it helps!

A good way of learning is by doing. Think of a task you do every day i.e. check all your servers are up, and write a script that will do that automatically, even if it is just a simple ping of all the servers in a text file. You could then extend this to email you a report so it is there waiting for you when you get into work.

Another good option is to look at the questions posted here, then go and try and find an answer and compare your answer to the suggestions posted here.

Good luck, the journey may seem long sometimes but it is worth it in the end.

That’s like saying what’s the easiest way to learn the English language. It’s a huge world but there are many gotchas. Just try to find a fun way to explore it and find out what’s cool about it. Check out any Jeffrey Snover video. You could probably google any question and the answer will be on here, technet, or superuser/stackoverflow, etc. Tab completion and piping to format-list go a long way, or using help with wildcards.