What is it need to create user account in Replicon through power shell ?

Hi All,

I’m new to Power shell. However, I search many articles in internet to get the code and tweak it to my need. This is the first time I’m asking for help in internet. My requirement is to create Replicon account through power shell. How do I do that ? I know we need an API. But someone give me an idea how to begin the coding.

I am not familiar with Replicon, but the first question is does Replicon provide a PowerShell module to be able to interact with it from PowerShell. If not, you are talking about a lot of research and development time to determine if it’s event possible from PowerShell.

Thank you for the reply Curtis,

As far as I know Replicon doesn’t provide PowerShell module to be able to interact with it.
However I have heard from some developers that with the API you can call and pull replicon users in power shell. I’m still searching for it.

You might want to post your question in the community forums on the Replicon site. The chances that someone in the Powershell forums will know this vendor specific information will be far less.

A quick google on Repicon API gets you here. (http://www.replicon.com/support/remote-api.aspx/ It looks like Replicon, if this is the correct site, uses a Rest API and JSON. So you need to look at the API documentation. Powershell supports REST with the invoke-restmethod cmdlet.