IT processes, logic and knowledge in Powershell Module Form

I would like to create a single Powershell user interface for managing on-premise Active Directory, on-premise Exchange, on-premise Skype for Business, SCCM and Office 365. The ultimate goal is to encapsulate various IT processes, logic and knowledge, in such a way that the result can be used both manually by support staff and through automation, without requiring the installation of the various prerequisites. I’ve already determined that JEA, or at least a constrained end-point, will be at the heart of this solution.

As an example, here are some commands I envision:

  • Add-OurUser - which would do things like create the mailbox, enable Skype and license as appropriate.
  • Remove-OurUser - which would cleanup various systems, as appropriate.
  • Remove-OurWorkstation - which remove from the workstation from DNS, AD, SCCM, and the like.

Before I begin, I wondered if someone might be willing to share their experience in creating a similar environment.

Thank you in advance.

If you’re looking for prewritten scripts you could try your luck in the Powershell Gallery or in the Microsoft Technet Script Center

This might give you a head start

Sorry if this is late - you might look at this:
LazyWinAdmin is a PowerShell Script that generates a WinForms loaded with tons of functions.