What command replaces Add-Computer in PowerShell core

Hi, Everyone.

Please help me to find the replacement or alternative cmdlet for “Add-Computer”. I am new with PowerShell. I am just following some tutorial. I know Add-Computer works in Windows PowerShell. Do we have a command in PowerShell 7 that will allow me to add a computer into a domain? Thank you so much for the help.

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… seems like that this particular cmdlet does not work in PowerShell 7. But the existence of PowerShell 7 does not mean Windows PowerShell wouldn’t work anymore. PowerShell 7 is not an update of Windows PowerShell. It’s installed side by side. So you’re still able to use Windows PowerShell for certain tasks. :wink:

Oh I see. I thought there would be a command that will be similar with Add-Computer. Anyways thank you so much for answering my question.