Issues in Add Computer to domain.

I have nearly 200 Windows 7 computers trying to remove from one domain and add to a different domain. I have a simple powershell script that does works fine except the -Server domain/dc statement does not work in Powershell 2.0. I wish to specify a particular domain controller to use when the computer gets added to the domain. Is this possible when using Powershell 2.0?

I can’t upgrade the pcs to newer version of powershell because they are on a different network. We bought a company and we will be doing a network cutover from their network to ours, then we will remove them from their current domain and add to our domain.

My Google-fu turned this up.

(Get-WmiObject win32_computersystem).rename(“newname”)
add-computer -Credential iammred\administrator -DomainName