Viewing verbose output after a reboot

When I’m working on a new DSC configuration, I rely heavily on the the Verbose switch when applying it to a test computer, so I can see what’s going on. However, sometimes the server has to reboot (due to a role installation or xPendingReboot). After the reboot, the DSC configuration continues but I can no longer see the verbose output. Is there a way that I can see it, or redirect it to a file, an event log, etc.?


Not really. I mean, you might start a DSC trace on the node, so that the LCM ramps up its log level in the event log, but that’s about it. The LCM doesn’t provide any native logging or redirection of the verbose channel.

Thanks for the reply, Don. I will look into a DSC trace. To troubleshoot this time around, I broke the single config up into separate configs, applied the first with -verbose, rebooted, applied the second with -verbose, and so on. When I had everything working as expected I put it all back together.