Continuing logging of a DSC target after it restarts

Hello folks.

Looking for some advice. When I’m manually applying a DSC configuration to another system, I’ll enable -VERBOSE and use the -WAIT parameter to see what’s happening on my screen. If the target system has to restart during execution of a configuration (e.g. after computer renamed), the logging stops. Is there a way to resume or start logging again after the target system has restarted and it begins executing further actions in it’s configuration MOF?

You’ll need to look to the Desired State Configuration\Operational event log for that. Previous versions of the WMF 5.0 preview had a Connect-DscConfiguration cmdlet which would take that info and display it to you at the console (including verbose output, etc), but it’s not in the latest April preview for some reason. Not sure if they’re making changes to it, or removing it, or what. Hopefully it or something similar is back in before the final release.

Thanks Dave.

I’ll put it on Connect as a feature request.

Will paste Connect URL here and on Twitter once it’s submitted



Hi Tim,

Did you ever post that on Connect? I’d love to vote this up, as well!

I’ve posted it up on Connect.