Version Control for scripts

Hi everyone,
I’m interested to know what ways you get version control with your scripts
I’ve used the trial version of VersionRecall and I really liked it, simple and effective. Unfortunately i’m not in a position just yet to drop US$179, with international purchase charges on top.

I’d appreciate it if anyone could help with tips, and/or low cost version control software.



Use github it’s free unless you want private repositories then it’s $9 USD a month.

Gitlab has free private repos.

Subversion is also out there but github is free and git shell on windows is powershell :slight_smile:

If you are just wanting it for personal scripts then github is hands down the easiest recommendation right now. Visual Code and Visual Studio both integrate with git repos. Git shell and the github desktop are easy to work with to manage the IDEs that do not have source control integration.

If this is for a company then spend some time looking at paying for private repos vs implementing an internal source control system. Also if this is for work, then the company spending the money for VersionRecall or something similar is a small reasonable investment.

If you’re just doing development for yourself as in none commercial work, you can use VSTS
free, up to 5 developers.

contrary to GitHub, the repositories on VSTS are private by default.
The benefit of GitHub though is the community and non-limited contributors.

VSTS also gives you build options (limited per month) but has full integration with
almost every app out there. You can even setup you repo on VSTS and sync part of it to GitHub (the part you do want to share).

Thanks everyone.
I have set up a github account when i first found - I never quite got my head around it but it seems like all things point to git. I think i’ll check it out again and see where it takes me.

Appreciate your responses.