Storing PowerShell Code in TFS or VSTS using Git

What tools are techniques do you find effective when using version control with TFS or VSTS?

I understand there are several tools that provide the capability, such as Posh-Git and the GitHub Desktop Application or Visual Studio.

I currently work in ISE using ISESteroids but am open to options. Currently leaning towards using the GitHub Desktop Application to connect to TFS or VSTS.

I ended up using the free visual studio 2015 community edition to connect to my corporate TFS for easy version control of my PowerShell scripts. It’s overkill, but it was the easiest to integrate, especially for an old OPS guy that was just learning how all that worked. Get the Powershell Tools extension and you’re good to go.

I use the Git for Windows client with posh-git and Git credential manager for Windows. Took a while to get used to the Git syntax, but works well.