How do you manage your scripts?

i was just wondering how some of you manage your scripts.

Over the past couple of years i have amassed a ton of scripts, some downloaded, some written etc… Currently i have them all on my skydrive which seems apt… but are there any gui tools that would help to load up all the scripts and provide a simple search and find feature…?

MS access and sql seem too complex for this kind of thing. Sapien released their version control software but i am not sure if it can be used to “manage” scripts.

I’m not sure what you mean by “manage”, with the reference to search / find. That’s more of an editor / IDE feature. I believe PrimalScript has a “Find in Files” feature, as does Visual Studio (which you can use for PowerShell with Adam Driscoll’s excellent extension.)

It should also be possible to add an ISE extension which provides this “find in files” functionality, but I never really even noticed it was missing. It’s not something I use very often, and when I need it, I tend to just use Select-String in the console pane.

As for backups and source control, most of my scripts start out in a SkyDrive folder, and I move them over into a GitHub repository if I’m doing something that I want version control capabilities on (rollbacks, etc.)

For version control, GitHub for the stuff I don’t mind being public (too cheap for private repositories right now). Otherwise, I keep a lot of my stuff in a folder a la Copy, so no real version control. I may actually invest in a private repository though, as I’m finding that version control has saved my bacon more than once when working on scripts.

@Dave - I was thinking of something like a “remote desktop manager” for ps scripts, where instead of adding computers one would add scripts as nodes into groups/subgroups.Perhaps I will perhaps try onenote, see how it works.
@Scott - I have been putting off using a source control tool thinking it was more for developers but i am beginning to come around to it. Version recall seems really nice but is expensive. I will try to find some open source alternatives and will post here if i find something useful.

Steven Murawski and his cohost (can’t remember his name offhand) did a great podcast recently on source/version control. It was the “Ops all the things” podcast. Worth a listen if you have the time. Changed a lot of thoughts I had about it as well, and I’m going to be looking at something as well for my internal/work related stuff.

thx for the info, i will check it out…