using active sync to block unknown IOS versions

by mojocatz at 2013-02-27 12:42:18

I’m pretty new @ powershell (thanks ios 6.1/echange bug!)… and wondering-

Is it possible to block future versions of the OS when they are not known? is there a way to wildcard the “ios 6.1 10b142” here?

New-ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule -QueryString “iOS 6.1 10B142” -Characteristic DeviceOS -AccessLevel Block

I guess to attack from the other angle- Instead of blocking the unknown IOS’s - is there a way to only allow 1 version we approve of?
by DonJ at 2013-02-27 13:10:50
Not really a PowerShell question. Sure, you use the shell to set the rule… but what the rule will accept (wildcards or not) has nothing to do with the shell, it’s an Exchange question. Not being an Exchange guy… I couldn’t tell you. The docs for the command itself don’t say. Sorry :(.

I don’t know enough about how Exchange processes these rules, but is it possible to set a block rule for “iOS” and then allow rules for the specific versions you permit? Just a guess, and not even sure if that would work. Again… not really a PowerShell question, sorry.